Little Less Known: Top Three Indie Bars

Briton’s seem to be like magpies, as soon as the sun drags itself out of the clouds, we all seem to flock to the beer gardens and gather as many pints as our belly’s can handle.

Leeds happens to have some of the best beer gardens in the country. Although these hidden treasures seem to not gather as much attention as you may think – we are ready to blow off the dust and uncover these little diamonds in the rough.

Someone has to take on this not-so-terrible task, so we took it upon ourselves to accept the challenge and hit three Leeds pubs: sunglasses and purses in hand.

Forget eating and drinking in a dingy, dark pub – it’s that time of the year when the beer gardens are the place to be. The city may feel built up, but venture to a pub with a well lit outdoor space and you’ll feel like you’ve escaped to the country and hanging out in someone’s garden.IMG_8417

Open up our app ‘Welcome City’ and follow our guide to the very best of getting sloshed indie style in Leeds.

First up was Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen: it ticked all the boxes. Hidden away, unsurprisingly, on Cross Belgrave Street this is a unique three floor venue fit for live gigs, comedy, film and art including a roof terrace. However, it is currently under renovation, sprucing up the already too-cool venue, just in time for summer. This 1930’s dive is true to its time, though times have moved on slightly from the nursery, now people nurse their drinks instead. The walls are plastered with band memorabilia to take in while you wait for a cocktail or a piece from the Slice Bar. This is the place where the understated crowd gather for their Instagram-worthy shots. A trip to this hidden dime will set you back roughly £2.75 for a pint and just over a fiver for a cocktail. Sold out live music events in the concert hall brings the people closer to the music, with bands such as: Waves and Fall.

A small stumble round the corner and just a little down the street you’ll find Mojo was next on the agenda. Just three minutes down the road but a whole different take on the world of independent bars. This place had names on the back of stools, photos of rockstars on the walls, bottles everywhere and heavy rocker waiting staff. Even at midday this place had an atmosphere; a certain feel of danger and rock. This wasn’t somewhere you bought a date but maybe somewhere you went to get over a failed one. Let’s call this Leeds very own heart-break hotel. The bar has been here since 1996 and shows no signs of moving, the heartbeat of rock n’ roll for Leeds, next year is the big twenty-first for this place – so watch this space and join in the party. Every couple of weeks a taster session graces the venue and provides shots for all those who participate, visit the website for more details…….


Just a stone’s throw away from our last destination is The headrow house, an old textile mill that has been brought into the 21st century with three bar, one resteraunt, a beer hall and three outdoor areas, teamed with a cocktail bar and a purpose built music space. Brought to Leeds by the clever clogs behind the Belgrave Music Hall, The Headrow provides a wide range of artisan brews from around the world, allowing the everyman to travel the globe in a glass. Level Two of the house opens up into a relaxed terrace with access to flowing cocktails and space to listen to the resident DJ’s on a Saturday night. To keep your finger on the pulse of upcoming acts, make sure to check the events section of the website for more information.

Our drinks and journey came to and end with the last bar on our list, each bar different and unique. All hidden in the industrial revolution in which Leeds has took place in showing how there still is some hidden beauty within. A bar to match every taste, style and genre.





Miracle on Greek Street

By Christopher Dow

Greek Street, one of Leeds hotspots for night life and fine dining, is set to become the largest Al Fresco dining area throughout the city. Greek Street is one of Leeds’s busiest and best known streets and it will go vehicle free as of April 29th.

The six month trial will see the road close for 7 hours in the evening to road traffic. The closing hours are 5pm until midnight on Thursdays and Fridays, whilst on Saturdays and Sunday’s the road will be pedestrianised from 1pm to midnight.

The street is being pedestrianised and is ready to undergo a £20 million pound rejuvenation, this means Greek Street will remain closed to traffic as a six month trial as they try to create a hub of activity and to bring it back to life this summer. Throughout the summer the road will remain closed to try create atmospheres as street parties will be organised thought the sunny period.

The idea came around after the success in 2014 of closing Merrion Street and making it a pedestrian only area helped the road become a key nightspot to the city.

Naomi, business development manager at the Alchemist situated in the heart of Greek Street said: “The pedestrianisation will add another dimension to the restaurant and bar and will allow customers to enjoy al fresco dining and drinking in the sun! The atmosphere that it will bring to the street will be great. Having it pedestrianised also allows us the options to have street parties in the summer, which our cliental will enjoy.”

Pedestrianisation has been authorised by Leeds City Council and will last for 6 months, throughout the summer season, as part of a trial to see if it could become an annual feature for the lively street. The trial period will end on Sunday 30th October 2016.

Naomi gained the council’s approval for the pedestrianisation and she goes on to say that: “this will be a great addition to Leeds and the regeneration of Greek Street. As this is a 6 month trial, it will be a great to understand the trade and understand if this will work in the next few years.”

The launch took place just in time for bank holiday weekend beginning on Friday 29th April.

The street came to life as an array of live music, food and drink samples and multiple promotions were available from all restaurants and bars for residents to enjoy.waiters.jpg

All Bar One opened up their cocktail stations allowing the public to make their own creations and also get the chance to enter a free raffle and win a meal for two. greek street 4.JPG

At the Liquorist locals could delight in a ‘mint mojito masterclass’ whilst sampling happy hour cocktails and food samples.greek street 3.JPGCalum Heffron, bartender at The Liquorist said: “the launch was pretty well received by the public and we all had fun with it as well. Hopefully it’ll be something we can all enjoy for many years to come.”


Review:Noel Gallagher’s First ever gig in Leeds

By Christopher Dow

Escaping from that furnace that was Oasis, Noels solo transformation has brought 2 more UK number one albums, numerous festival headline appearances, worldwide tours and yes, sold out arena across all continents. This captivating gig has taken us through all those twists and turns, the records we all grew up with and still growing up on. It’s round two of UK arenas since that album was released – a master of his craft, Gallagher could probably keep going round like this forever.

noelAs the famous lyrics from Noel’s third solo single ‘Dream on’-‘shoot a hole into the sun’ echoes around the arena, 28,000 arms rise in unison to the entrance of Noel Gallagher and his band, High Flying Birds. This is destination number 4 on Noel Gallagher’s latest UK tour and the first time he has played in Leeds even when accompanied with his younger brother in Oasis. Before the completion of the First Direct Arena, Leeds had little to offer for such popular artists and Oasis quickly outgrew what Leeds had. The closest the Leeds population had to travel was a few miles south to Sheffield, leaving this city to hope one day the band would come and put on a show! According to rumours a long time ago back before Oasis’ debut album ‘Definitely Maybe’ the band played the Irish Centre in Leeds in front of barely 10 people plus the bar staff, well before sending themselves around the world and becoming rich and famous. Definitely leaving the city as a forgettable memory and a small footnote to a half-remembered gig as they sell out virtually wherever they choose.

But no matter, Noel’s misgivings soon subsided as he tore through a 21 song solo set-list we all knew he had locked away even back in his Oasis days when he had to share his spotlight with his equally charismatic brother.

It seems only right to start with ‘Champagne Supernova’ regardless to when it was played, as he placed it number 8 on the set list and it was greatly appreciated by the audience as Noel stated he is quiet happy to give the people what they want in terms of more Oasis songs and that’s 10 to be precise, so to kick off which is always an astonishing encore, he plays the overplayed well known single ‘Wonderwall’ with a slightly edgy twist but surely this is song in general is one we could all do without, especially as the likes of Ryan Adams tries to rework the song which if you didn’t guess is best left in the hands of Ryan Adams and him only!

noel 2Fans started to sing the fan favourite ‘Live Forever’ which has not been heard since his former Band split up and he has always refused to without his 5 year younger brother Liam. As the crowd sing the chorus, Noel grins and laughs and politely tells the audience to “F**k Off”.

This led onto him dedicating the next song to “This one’s for all you Oasis fans” and starting the opening to ‘You know we can’t go back’ which brought a bittersweet taste to all in the arena, and also a few laughs as everyone appreciates Noels Whitty comedic sense.

Gallagher acknowledges the mass amount of time before the eventual closer ‘Don’t look Back in Anger’. “It’s been years Leeds. You’ve been great. I’ll see you back again when I’ve written my next masterpiece. And this one is dedicated to Wayne Rooney’s hair”.

Even though I’m highly biased, seeing NGHFB has got to be on everyone’s bucket list!

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“Ye twisting my lemons man”

By Christopher Dow

Lemons rose from the opposite side of the Pennines on Tuesday morning,and it’s got Leeds caught up in a buzz on the speculation of a new Stone Roses single. Now we can confirm the rumours were true and there has been a resurrection. Yesterday evening saw the 21 year wait come to an end with the new single ‘All For One’.

The tantalising iconic images featuring nothing but Ian Brown and co’s famous ‘lemon’ logo appeared all around Manchester on Tuesday morning and the hype begun to build at the prospect of new material. As us Yorkshire folk arose on Wednesday morning from our dreams hoping for more information on what these tormenting posters meant, we are left with instead our own dilemma as to why ‘lemons’ are appearing around Leeds city centre.

The printed poster advert – so simple but so effective showing nothing but a ‘lemon’ against a plain white background with no text whatsoever – has now squeezed itself into Victoria Gardens in Leeds City Centre.

Fans of one of Britain’s most influential and famous bands have begun to react to the ads as a sign that the band is preparing to release a new single.

Fans took to social media site Twitter to express and to showcase what they had found around Manchester on Tuesday, creating an exciting atmosphere at what is next.

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Catching up with some fans and their opinions on the speculations  and how excited they are about the latest news.

It was reported Roses front-man Ian Brown confirmed to music magazine ‘NME’ that he and his band mates were in the studio. Also earlier last month the magazine interviewed Noel Gallagher who stated ‘the new Stone Roses album has put the band in the same mindset as when they recorded their classic debut.’

Noel, who first dropped hints about the band “blooming” last year, recently bumped into Roses’ front-man Ian Brown at a supermarket where he learned about their new music and Ian Browns favourite, chocolate Shampoo.

News that the band are down in London and working on their third studio album was confirmed by NME last month leaving us awaiting what surely must be a releasing 0f a new single.

The iconic logo (sliced lemons) featured on the cover of the indie band’s era-defining debut LP, The Stone Roses, which was released in 1989, 27 years ago.

The Stone Roses first album released in 1989

Rumours about The Stone Roses returning with new music have circulated for years, with the band first reforming for a series of gigs in 2012. Four years later and the group will play a series of gigs and festival dates this summer, only this time there is new material to factor into the setlist. Recently tabloids have reported claims that the group’s third album would arrive this summer to coincide with their upcoming gigs, which include four headline shows at Manchester’s Etihad Stadium.

The Dates:

Manchester, Etihad Stadium (June 15, 17, 18, 19)
New York, Madison Square Garden (June 30)
T In The Park (July 8)
Dublin, Marlay Park (July 9)

Earlier this week a series of mysterious lemon adverts were displayed on billboards and various street furniture around the band’s hometown of Manchester. The iconic logo appeared and we believe it is echoing a tactic first employed last year when the band announced a run of live gigs.

The iconic image plastered onto street furniture in All Saints Park in Manchester.

Yesterday seen the dreams of thousands of fans come true, as it was announced that The Stone Roses were about to release there first single in over 21 years. The song was premiered on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show at 8pm GMT last night. The song entitled ‘All For One’ is the first of hopefully more new material from the band.Listening to the new single, it has plenty of Roses criteria: psychedelic vocals, a brilliant Squire solo that doesn’t overstay its welcome and a lyrical theme of solidarity – “All for one, one for all/If we all join hands we’ll make a wall” – it simple and somewhat so effective. It’s surprisingly rocking – Reni’s drums hurling it along at a wild, smashing speed – and the chorus will be yelled loudly in fields and bedrooms by many middle-aged men this summer.

The new single signified the resurrection of the band and fans couldn’t be more happy and impressed by the song. The fans reaction was what you would expect after a 21 year wait for new material. It hallowed the bands work.

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The latest single may have been a long (long) time coming but it certainly doesn’t sound like it, you would think after forming 33 years ago there would be some change but ‘All for One’ recaptures the elements first brought together by Brown, Mani, Reni and Squire.

I caught up with some fans and got there first impressions of the latest single.

Dom Cox, 21 from Shrewsbury, told us: “I heard the song last night and I was pretty impressed. Considering its two decades since their last release, I wasn’t expecting it to sound as good as it did. The guitar riffs were class, and stuck to the Stone Roses sound.”

He continued to say how he thought “Ian Brown and the lyrics were a bit rusty, but I think the band are trying to just ‘test the water’ with this song, rather than trying to top the charts. I’m seeing the band live in June at the Etihad, on June 19th and I think performing on the big stage on their home turf will be the biggest indication of whether they still have it!”

Tom Rowlinson,19 from Warrington, tells me how he’s heard mixed reviews but personally thinks “its a great teaser track”.

He went on to say how: “I think you have to remember that it’s their first tune in 20 odd years and it’s good, I wasn’t expecting a new waterfall from it but it’s good music. If it feeds into an album then I don’t see any issues. They’ve not ruined themselves with a bad song and that’s just what we wanted. I reckon it’ll be mega live” Tom told us that he also will be seeing the band live at the Eithad Stadium on June 17th.

The new album cant come quick enough for the fans and as they already know The Stone Roses are not quick workers. There was five years between their only previous two albums, and there has been 21 years between singles. The last time they put out a new single (Begging You) was the same day Oasis released Wonderwall, October 30th, 1995. That’s 7,500 days ago!

All I can say is The Stone Roses have resurrected and they are finally back in business!

The 90’s are back!

I’m not lovin’ it!

It’s the morning, and after a night out; it’s not a time anyone likes, it’s a time for recovery and a time to forget- (everything you did the night before). You don’t dare look at your phone, the group chats bleeping away and you’re lay there thinking ‘oh god what happened.’ There’s only one solution that will help get your life back on track and that’s a McDonald’s Breakfast!

Upto now it’s never let us down, it’s been there everytime we’ve needed a boost. However there is one problem with a maccies breakfast… And that is why it finishes so damn early! Like who’s awake before half 10 on a weekend? There needs to be a change… And there is…

No, no don’t get too excited now, I’m not going to tell you that maccies have extended their breakfast hours, what I’m going to tell you might hurt especially if it’s a favourite of yours.

The Golden Arches have removed an item from its breakfast menu, Yepp they’ve only gone and took OFF the big breakfast.

A simple yet so effective choice, it was a perfect cure for a hangover, it had everything, it was big, it was a breakfast and it even came on a little plate for you! All of which could be tossed into the bin with no cleaning to do once finished!


It was beautiful, it was like a best friend to me, always there for me, knew how to cheer me up and helped me at what seemed the darkest of times!

It’s consistency was its key… The circular pork sausage burger, what we crave when we think of a maccies breakfast, the legendary hash brown, a hot buttery McMuffin and not forgetting the unbelievable scrambled egg! It was a masterpiece, so simple but tops the charts.

So now you must be thinking they must be replacing it with something, they cannot just leave a BIG hole in the menu boards, well listen to this, currently on trail in the US could be the answer…

The McDonalds till for breakfast with a ‘Big’ hole where the removed item use to be.
I don’t know who comes up with these ideas, probably someone from a far away planet, because when you hear this you’ll die, the new breakfast item could be a Chicken McGriddle, I’m sorry but wtf, who thinks it’s acceptable to eat chicken before 10.30AM!! AM!!


The new Chicken McGriddle.
Apparently the meal has a “chicken and waffle taste” according to its creator Brian Mortellaro, he also continued to explain that “I just think that’s something that’s not out there right now.” And to be fair, you’re not wrong there Brian lad! Because no one wants anything like that!


Customers all over the Uk have taken to social media to express their opinions and distress over the tragic news.

Currently on trial over in America but I’m sure it won’t be long before it crosses the Atlantic and makes itself a uk citizen!

This 410 calorie supposedly breakfast item is made up of a piece of chicken Inbetween 2 pancakes, I have no words, I’m done!

The big breakfast gone but never forgotten… Rip

Creed Review: Will Rocky still make it up the Philly Steps?…

Round 7 in the Rocky saga, the seventh and only film not directed by Mr Stallone himself but by Ryan Coogler who puts you in the ring for an emotional and thrilling fight.

Creed, Rocky’s old rival turned best-friend alongside Pauly no doubt, is visited by that familiar surname it’s self, in his hometown Philadelphia in his very own restaurant, Adrian’s.

No, no don’t you worry this ain’t no unrealistic Apollo Creed Ghost telling Rocky to get back in the ring it’s Creed’s son who goes by the name Adonis Johnson; played by Michael B Jordan, who tries moving Balboa into the corner of the ring as his trainer. At first Rocky refuses, and gives ‘the kid’ some advice but Johnson won’t take no as an answer and is determined to follow in the footsteps of his father who was killed in the sport.

What comes after this maybe deja-vu as old training methods and settings creep into the modern day version of the classic Rocky, which leads you to an epic toe to toe boxing match with the ranked no.1 pound for pound light heavy champion of the world Ricky ‘Pretty’ Conlan, played by Professional boxer Tony ‘Bomber’ Bellew, which for me humbles some pride within as he represents my hometown; Liverpool, which features throughout.

Bellew plays the English opponent who’s just been sentenced to go to Prison in 6 months time when he got in trouble with the law and is forced to retire. Ricky hears about Apollo Creeds illegitimate son Adonis after his first professional fight and news breaks out that he’s the son of the heavyweight legend and wants to schedule a fight.

The scene is set at Goodison park, home of Everton Football Club, surely seeing its record attendance as a 100,000 strong crowd packed into the stadium, with the Gwlady’s street end in full voice. Why Goodison Park?… This is because its Tony’s and Ricky’s team they support, also Sylvester Stallone’s football club.

Not only does Goodison feature, some historic landmarks like the Liver-buildings and St. George’s Hall get some free advertisement, but they don’t need any special effects to look good.

Creed and Rocky head over to Liverpool for the fight, will it last the 12 rounds? One thing I can tell you is it will have you on the edge of your seat. Does Creed give Conlan (Bellew) a bluenose? Sorry pun intended.

Only problem I can see from this film is if you’re an Everton fan you maybe routing for the wrong guy the film intends, as Bellew has no Mersey!

Sure to be a few tears as this film packs a punch! Now that’s all the boxing metaphors and puns done with, be sure to give it watch if you love sports films and the Rocky films. This is a fitting 40 year anniversary film.

Rating: ****

Click here to watch -> Creed Trailer

Peace out!